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Welcome to the Victorian Disability Services Commissioner website

NEW RESOURCE -  Jane's Story

'Jane's Story' is a new video resource that tells the powerful story of Jane and her son Nick and the challenges they faced when Nick moved into a group home. 

Click here for the full version of 'Jane's Story' and associated resources.

The Disability Services Commissioner is an independent voice promoting rights and resolving complaints about Victorian disability services including disability services provided by the Department of Health and Human Services.

We can provide you with information about our independent and accessible complaints process and the Disability Act 2006.

If you have a complaint that is not about a Victorian disability service we can provide you with information to assist you to take the issues to the right place.

There are many benefits of making a complaint to a disability service and resolving the matter as soon as possible. The complaints process can lead to better services for people with a disability in Victoria.

Every disability service must have a way for people who use their service to complain about things they are not happy about. You can ask your service what their complaint process is and they should respond if you raise issues with them. We can help if it is hard for you to complain to your service provider or if you cannot resolve your complaint with them.

The Disability Services Commissioner is an independent statutory body that provides a free and confidential service. Our work is guided by clear values and principles, and strategic directions.

Contact us for information about our complaints process or how to make a complaint. Information is available in accessible formats.

'It's OK to complain!’

Do you want more information?

You can contact us for more information, to enquire about the complaints process or to make a complaint. You can also request information in accessible formats.

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It's OK to complain