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Occasional Papers

A series of Occasional Papers on ‘Learning from Complaints’ which cover key issues and learnings identified from our analysis of the themes arising from complaints made about disability services.

Our goal in producing these papers is to identify key considerations for practice and service improvement and suggest ways of addressing some of the underlying causes of complaints, in order to promote and protect the rights of people with a disability and to contribute to effective preventative strategies.

Occasional Paper No. 2 Learning from Complaints
Families and service providers working together

Developing policy principles and strategies to support families of adults with a disability and disability service providers to work more effectively together.


Occasional Paper No. 1 Learning from Complaints
Safeguarding People’s Right to be Free from Abuse.

Key Considerations for preventing and responding to alleged staff to client abuse in disability services. June 2012.

'It's OK to complain!'

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