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Throw those spreadsheets of complaints away!

23rd September 2016

Did you know that the Disability Services Commissioner’s (DSC) Annual Complaints Reporting Tool (ACR Tool) can now be your organisation’s year-round complaints register?

Victorian disability service providers will be familiar with DSC’s ACR Tool as the system they use every year to report on the complaints received by their organisation.

DSC has now enhanced the ACR Tool to become an all-in-one complaints register that can be used throughout the year to record complaints received, as well as any additional information about the complaint such as details about the individual and case notes.

Video: How to access this new feature

Download a transcript of the ACR Tool Tutorial: New Features (RTF 47KB)

By using the ACR Tool as your organisation’s complaints register and management tool, you can be confident that your records are securely stored and comply with legislative requirements.

Is our data secure?

The ACR Tool technology and data security is managed by Orima Research, a public sector research and online data system specialist. DSC does not have access to individual complaints data, and only receives summaries of annual complaints reports at the end of each financial year.

How does DSC use our complaints data?

The summary report data received by DSC is published every year in the Commissioner’s Annual Report. This summary data enables us to advise the sector on both time-limited and recurring issues that need to be addressed in order to improve the experience of people with a disability receiving supports.

Who can I talk to if I have questions about ACR?

Melissa is the ACR Tool specialist at DSC. You can contact Melissa on acr@odsc.vic.gov.au or by calling 1300 728 187. For more information about the ACR Tool and how DSC can support your organisation, click here.

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