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Information Sheets in plain English

Making a complaint - Information Sheet in plain English

You have made a complaint: What happens now? - Information Sheet in plain English

Information Sheets 

Making a complaint - Information Sheet 1
An information sheet about making a complaint to the Disability Services Commissioner.

Dealing with your complaint -Information Sheet 2
An information sheet that outlines what happens when the Disability Services Commissioner is dealing with a complaint.

The role of the Disability Services Commissioner - for service providers - Information Sheet 3
An information sheet with general information to assist Disability Service Providers to understand more about the Disability Services Commissioner.Assessment Conferences

Dealing with complaints about your service - for service providers - Information Sheet 4
An information sheet for Disability Service Providers that covers more detailed information about when a complaint has been made to the Disability Services Commissioner about their service.

Participating in an assessment conference - Information Sheet 5
An information sheet that describes how an assessment conference works and assists people to consider how they can prepare for an assessment conference.

Conciliating a complaint - Information Sheet 6
An information sheet that outlines how complaints are conciliated by the Disability Services Commissioner

Participating in assessment or conciliation conferences - for advocates and support people - Information Sheet 7
An information sheet that assists advocates and support people to prepare to attend a conference at the Disability Services Commissioner

Investigating a complaint - Information Sheet 8
An information sheet that outlines how complaints are investigated by the Disability Services Commissioner

'It's OK to complain!'

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