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Rights and responsibilities

Service user

Includes people with disability accessing the service, friends, family, and others raising a complaint

Service user rights

  • You have the right to complain about a disability service provider
  • You have the right to make an anonymous complaint
  • You have the right to know how to make a complaint and to be provided with appropriate assistance to make a complaint.

Service user responsibilities

  • You are responsible for providing Disability Services Commissioner (DSC) with information to help us understand your concerns and handle a complaint
  • We ask that you tell us if it’s okay for us to proceed with the complaint and:
    • to inform a service provider about your complaint
    • to request information about you from service providers and other agencies.

Service provider

Service provider rights

  • You have the right to access resources, information and training from DSC to help you improve the complaints culture at your organisation
  • You have the right to contribute information and feedback to DSC during and after the complaints process
  • You have the right to receive warning and object if your organisation is to be named in the DSC annual report as a result of failing to take action after being provided a notice by DSC

Service provider responsibilities

  • You are responsible for complying with inspections by DSC authorised officers
  • You are responsible for providing DSC with information as requested during assessments, reviews and investigations
  • You are responsible for reporting to DSC following receipt of a Notice to Take Action related to an investigation
  • You are responsible for reporting to DSC every year with data relating to complaints received by your organisation

To find out more about rights and responsibilities as a service user and a service provider, visit the Victorian Legislation and Parliamentary Documents website to read the Disability Act 2006 in full.

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